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Welcome to my campaign, your hub for community engagement. We believe in the power of collective action to shape a better future. Explore our platform to stay updated on key issues that impact our society, from political governance and public safety to education, infrastructure, and the vital support of agriculture.


In an era where every voice matters, we provide a space for constructive dialogue, evidence-based discussions, and the exchange of ideas that drive positive change. Stay informed, connect with fellow citizens, and join us on the journey towards a resilient and thriving community.


Together, let's build a foundation for progress, ensuring our political systems are accountable, our streets are safe, our schools are empowering, our infrastructure is robust, and our agriculture sector flourishes. Join the conversation and be a catalyst for a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.


Good Governance

Effective county governance hinges on sustainability, transparency, and fiscal responsibility. My commitment is to guarantee the Board's responsiveness to the diverse needs and concerns of our community. We will foster open communication and collaboration to ensure an inclusive and well-governed county.


Public Safety

Safety is a top priority, and I am committed to elevating public safety by strategically addressing staffing, resource allocation, and fiscal management. Through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships, I aim to invest in both law enforcement and community programs to create a safer environment for all.



I prioritize education and access to family resources as catalysts for a thriving community. Our commitment is to cultivate dynamic learning environments, preparing students for college and beyond, with a keen focus on technology integration. By advocating, I aim to promote a community that is not only educated and prosperous but also physically and mentally healthy.


Supporting Agriculture

Tehama County's robust agricultural industry, valued at over 300 million dollars, plays a pivotal role in the county's economy. However, local farmers face challenging regulatory burdens in California.

As a steadfast advocate for our community's farmers, I am committed to fostering sustainability and creating a business-friendly environment. My efforts will alleviate the challenges faced by our agricultural industry, ensuring the preservation of our rural heritage and securing a prosperous future for generations to come.



Our commitment to smart and sustainable infrastructure investments will pave the way for economic growth, improved transportation, and enhanced quality of life. I understand the importance of comfortable and efficient living. Our commitment to maintaining and improving roads, bridges, public transit, and utilities is a pledge to enhance your daily life.

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